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2024 Classes and Events

*Be sure to check Facebook also for any upcoming classes or events. 

Somatic Movement Class

Through therapeutic and corrective exercises called Somatic Movement Flows, learn how to restore your own body.   The proven results include freedom from chronic pain, dramatically increased flexibility, enhanced strength, and improved posture.  

The results are cumulative with practice and you are left with a profound sense of peace and wellbeing.

These classes will be held at 6PM every other Thursday. Click below, "Check Schedule and Book Now", to check availability and enroll in a class. 

Class size is limited.

Currently all regular classes, not workshops, will be held downstairs at Chiropractic First 603 E Ridgeville Blvd, Mt Airy, MD.  Entry is on the left side of the building. (left side as you face the front of the building)

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